Friday, July 25, 2008

9 in the afternoon

i stepped into an elevator where the people inside didn't want to let me in
we pressed the button for the floor
the elevator shot up into the sky
we swung around several times holding on for dear life
and in the end it takes us back to the first floor where we started
there was a medieval theme park
i thought this was the door that led to the restroom
but instead it was a band room with all these instruments
there were three men inside
playing music and laughing
there was a staircase
but i didn't go up
i went back outside
there was a big dining table
i helped clean up
but when i went to throw away the napkins
i missed

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

one deep breath

i'd like to go a little bit slower
slow my life down
i want to be able to stop and smell the cliches
i want to sit by the beach surrounded by cliffs
i want to be away from it all for a bit
i want to settle down with the bible and just read
i want to be filled
i want to take some pictures
i want to catch the fleeting moments of life with a flick of my finger
i want to contemplate with no distractions
i get lost in myself sometimes
i get lost in other people sometimes
i want to get lost in something greater than i could ever imagine
i want to get lost in Him
i think that's when i'm really found

Thursday, July 17, 2008

albi the racist dragon

ter up, jimmy!

let's give it up for the good sir zack de la rocha
oh my gosh
i'm really digging the new sound
one day as a lion

i want to see it...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i won't leave you
hanging. out
side of my self, i've found comfort

i've realized this times before
and i've never jotted this down
and countless times i've forgotten
we don't need to drive somewhere to laugh and chill with friends
for a long time i was under the impression that we needed an atmosphere
a place
a restaurant
a room
but i think it can be as simple as
just standing in the middle of a driveway
feeling the cool summer breeze
positioned in a circle with some friends
talking about shenanigans and red necks

a warmth overcomes the wind
it overcomes me

in there, we find the simplicity of
hanging out

cottage cheese

Saturday, July 5, 2008


is so good
will, go check them out
they have a shins remix
i think it might tickle your fancy

light up the sky for me

the sky is lit up
sparks and flares
glory and splendour
it lights up our eyes
i can see it

i couldn't see it

i had no idea

green eyes, green eyes

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i played mutey the mailman. i was good.

i have a lot of free time at work


verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus
i can only take so much
an album with every single song following the same formula
i can only swallow so much
this chorus sounds good, let's do it again
it's so good that we should repeat it four times in one song
this formula is so good that we should use it for an entire album
yes, that sounds like a splendid idea
i can only consume so much
before i explode
and mainstream music is splattered across the floor and the walls
my car antenna rarely sees sunlight
the words "music" and "television" in the same sentence mean nothing to me
for now, i will stay in the
city and colour
my world with acoustic guitars and harmonicas
i will announce to the world that
someone still loves you, boris yeltsin
i will call for a
death cab
just for cutie
if you need to reach me
i will be in
portugal. the man
knows how to write

it's a circus

gather round, gather round
ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls of all ages
come and observe the elephant man
gaze and wonder at the oriental acrobats
witness the world's strongest man
see the cliques, the lies, the social standard
obsess over celebrities and what they're eating, buying, wearing
spectate the teenagers with drug addictions, suicidal tendencies, broken homes
watch in horror as the world collapses
this is our generation
don't adopt
don't accept
don't embrace
come along as we explore the spine-chilling mystery of being LOST
and the miracle of
being FOUND