Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm not the person that i was a couple of months ago.
i don't like that. i've been caught up with some things and i've been neglecting others.
i need to re-center myself. where does my allegiance lie?
who is first in my life?
God, be the center of my life
let me fix my eyes on you and never let go
be my foundation and my strength
let me be still, know that you are God
help me to stop struggling and let go
let me be the child that finally gives up and welcomes you to rescue me
help me to stop taking things into my own hands
because i can only do so much
hold me in your arms and comfort me
i need you

Saturday, September 6, 2008

she plays it so good, better than i could

Brighten - Early Love EP

"everything you do makes it easy to fall in love with you"
this is such a feel good album
it feels like a sunny day in the park
with a cool summer breeze caressing your cheek
eating an ice cream cone while walking under the trees as the rays break through
being bombarded by memories of childhood
of innocence and better times
your worries melt away as you sit back let the lyrics just flow into your ears
brighten up
it's a new day

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


it was really sunny
i was at school
and i saw her rollerblading
she had a big smile on her face
i was wearing a white shirt
she rolled on over
the cafeteria was serving burritos with tortilla chips
the wrapper was the color purple

it's an ancient russian proverb, i doubt it's one that you've heard

Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
Tokyo Police Club - Lesson In Crime EP

i'm really digging that raw sound they have
the bass is just driving with a twinge of distortion and lots of high end
i love the nonchalant vocals that he sings and screams
the delay pedal loves you, overdriven high notes
the guitar adds an aggressive but subtle atmosphere to the entire song
the synths here and there totally add to the songs as a whole